Workplace toilets: how many do I need?


It’s hard to run a business. Not only do you have to ensure that you have the right lighting, space, and furniture for the comfort of the people working for you, you need to make sure that you provide enough space for washrooms and hand-washing facilities. With many workplaces heading back to the office after the pandemic it’s even more imperative. 

Refurbishing the washrooms may not have been on your immediate list of priorities, but if you want to ensure that your staff has the facilities that they need, you need to put it on the list. Without the correct amount of washroom cubicles and vanity units, you will be in breach of health and safety regulations and not even know it. You have to ensure that you are meeting your employees’ basic needs – it’s a part of what will make them feel valued as individuals!

Current Health Regulations

As it stands, there are a few things that you have to consider when it comes to providing the right health and hygiene facilities for your staff. You have to provide washing facilities that:

  • Are located conveniently for staff to reach them. The last thing you need is to place your bathrooms on the bottom floor when you’re a five-floor walk up the stairs. Your washrooms should be easy for staff to get to.
  • Washrooms should be within reach of any changing rooms, too. If you provide shower facilities and changing facilities for commuting staff, there should be toilets, also.
  • Include soap and hand sanitiser, as well as paper towels and trash bins to catch the rubbish.
  • Are well ventilated, well lit, and stocked with spare supplies for use throughout the day.
  • It should be clean, tidy, and regularly done with cleaners on hand in the day to ensure that the toilets are clean and tidy.
  • If your office is a mix of men and women, you should provide separate facilities for both. If you don’t have space, you need to provide one or two single washrooms with lockable doors to ensure privacy.

How Many Toilets Should I Provide?

You should have a minimum number of toilets for your staff in offices, shops, and non-domestic premises.

Female Toilets: 

1-5 people: 1 toilet, 1 basin

6-25 people: 2 toilets, 2 basins

26-50 people: 3 toilets, 3 basins

51-75 people: 4 toilets, 4 basins

76-100 people: 5 toilets, 5 basins

100+ people: 8 toilets, 8 basins, plus 1 of each for every 25 more people

Male Toilets: 

Every single male toilet should have at least one toilet cubicle, and you should consider privacy screens between urinals for people to feel comfortable. There should also be the following:

  • 1-15 people: 1 toilet, 1 urinal, 1 basin
  • 16-30 people: 2 toilets, 1 urinal, 2 basins
  • 31-45 people: 2 toilets, 2 urinals, 2 basins
  • 46-60 people: 3 toilets, 2 urinals, 3 basins
  • 61-75 people: 3 toilets, 3 urinals, 3 basins
  • 76-90 people: 4 toilets, 3 urinals, 4 basins
  • 91-100 people: 4 toilets, 4 urinals, 4 basins
  • 100+ people: 4 of each, plus an additional cubicle and basin for every 50 people more.

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