What you need to know about Lockers


Whether you’re fitting out a gym, studio, leisure centre, club, or school, installing lockers can be a tricky task. There is much to consider in the way of design, placement, and installation. You must design these spaces suitably to accept high traffic and heavy usage. There’s a lot to consider.

Here is everything you need to know before setting out to install lockers in your space.

Prioritise Privacy

The biggest goal of your locker space should be to create privacy while preserving safety. You want the area to be private, while not allowing anyone to be truly alone and in a compromised situation.

The best way to do this is to design private changing areas with clear openings to common pathways. A common solution to this is to design lockers in rows with common walkways throughout the area.

Allow for Elbow Room

Once you have a general idea of your layout, you need to consider flow and number of lockers. Your flow will depend entirely on the use case, but no matter the circumstance, you need to allow for elbow room and avoid overcrowding common areas.

Consider how many people could be changing in a particular area at any given time. This should help you determine how many lockers per row you need. More lockers in an area may save you some space, but don’t create a situation where guest will uncomfortable in a small area.

Keep the Area Dry

If you have showers in the space, it’s essential to keep the locker area dry. You don’t want members dropping clothes onto a wet floor.

The best way to do this is to ensure proper drainage of the shower area and have the lockers well away from this area where possible.

Consider Other Furniture

Depending on your needs, you make want to consider other changing room furniture like benches, countertops and shelving.

Invest in Premium Materials

Locker rooms sustain heavy use and if showers are present there will be continue moisture in the environment. Therefore, the quality of your lockers and furniture will need to be durable, robust and water resistant. Investing in high quality materials will give longevity to your changing area.

Make it Look Good

Locker rooms have a very specific function, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be attractive and make a statement. Using brand led colourways or bright modern colour schemes will add a touch of class and luxury.

Call in the Experts

Planning, designing, and installing lockers takes time and effort. We specialise in lockers and benches at BRAC Projects, and have ample experience across a range of sectors, including leisure facilities. We offer superior quality, customised solid benches & lockers product design at affordable prices in the shortest lead time possible.

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