What are IPS ducts?


When it comes to toilet cubicles and washroom facilities, there is one main aspect that you may not have considered, and that is the sheer volume of plumbing. This is when IPS Ducts and panelling are a great solution. So, what are IPS ducts, the benefits and why they are used?

What are IPS ducts?

IPS Ducts and panelling systems are a great way to disguise and conceal unsightly pipework and cisterns at the rear of a toilet cubicle and/or urinal. IPS stands for integrated plumbing system. They can be colourful or discreet depending on what it is you are looking for.

IPS ducts can be extremely useful. They can protect and also help to prevent vandalism. But one of the main reasons people consider adding IPS ducts and panelling is to make the washroom clean and hygienic, easy to clean and also have them looking presentable. For a business, they can also implement any colour scheme in line with branding. This offers consistency and a great impression for any customers, clients and staff members using the facilities. 

Why use IPS Ducts?

There are a number of different reasons why you may want to consider IPS ducts and panelling when it comes to your washroom and toilet facilities.

  • Presentable washroom facilities looking modern and minimalistic 
  • Helps the washroom to stay clean and hygienic 
  • Protects pipework from any potential damage that may be caused 
  • Reduces plumbing issues. 

What are the benefits and advantages of installing IPS ducts?

IPS Ducts - BRAC Projects

When it comes to your washroom facilities you want to ensure that this is an area that requires little or no maintenance. Here are some of the main benefits and advantages for installing IPS ducts in your toilet and washroom facilities:

  • Keeps the area hygienic and clean
  • Makes the washroom facilities look modern
  • Easy to maintain
  • Reduced risk of vandalism
  • Colour specific – business branding
  • Hide unsightly pipework
  • Easy to install and organise

What should you do if you want IPS ducts and panelling?

If you want to improve your washroom facilities, get in touch with BRAC Projects. We are a professional fabrication company specialising in solid surfaces, IPS, cladding, laminate furniture and worktops. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide a complete design, furniture fabrication and installation service covering a diverse range of services for a variety of sectors.

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