How a Well Designed Washroom can aid Hygiene


Maintaining good hygiene has long been a priority for modern people. Not only do people want to remain healthy, but the idea of being dirty is quite unappealing. Of course, though, not everyone feels the same way about how far this should penetrate their daily lives.

Washing your hands after using the toilet, before handling food, and at regular intervals is important, especially in modern work environments where people have to share close spaces and tools. A well designed washroom can aid hygiene in both private and public spaces in business settings, but how can you achieve the best results?

The washroom layout

The right layout can do a lot to ensure that people wash their hands when they visit the washroom. Convenience is a big part of this, and you should always have your vanity units and basins close to the door. This will give your employees and visitors a clear path out of the room when they’re done on the toilet, including an easy stop off to wash their hands along the way. Those entering the washroom to wash their hands won’t have to walk past toilets, too.

An easily cleaned washroom

Washroom hygiene is about more than simply keeping hands clean. Along with this, you also have to consider the way that the room is cleaned, too. IPS and duct panelling can be made in the factor to fit perfectly into your washroom space, using materials which are incredibly easy to keep clean. Our cubicles are space-efficient while offering the privacy people want, and our panelling comes pre-plumbed, saving time and effort once it reaches your premises.

Having a clean room also has the benefit of making people happy to spend the time there to wash their hands. Sometimes, the taps and hand dryers in spaces like this can put people off, making it worth using clean and pleasant decor and regular cleaning to make people feel clean when they spend time in this space.

A smart washroom

Even when a washroom is nice and clean, people will often rather have dirty hands over touching a tap which a lot of other people will have handled after using the toilet. Light sensors can be used to automate taps, flushers, and hand dryers, and this is an excellent way to encourage people to use them. The fewer people touching things in your washroom the better, and this can be an excellent way to keep your washroom nice and hygienic.

Here at BRAC Projects, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to designed practical, space-efficient, and hygienic washrooms. Our skilled team can provide IPS and duct panelling, vanity units, and toilet cubicles, along with a range of other affordable construction services.

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