Why a Well Designed Office can Boost Morale


What impacts morale in your business? Believe it or not, a key factor that you might be overlooking right now is the office space itself. With the right office space, you can boost levels of morale and ensure that your staff or more focused, healthier and happier. This can also have a dramatic impact on those visiting your office for the first time and this does include potential clients because it helps create the right first impression.

The right work environment could even lead to higher levels of productivity and ensure that you are able to maximise the potential of your company. How does this work?

Combine An Open Plan With Spaces That Are Closed Off

Creating the right office environment can be a balancing act from a functional perspective. You need to make sure that employees have areas where they can work without distractions, while at the same time creating the right ambiance.

Open-plan offices are ideal for the right ambiance. They will make an office feel more welcoming and friendly. Visually, it also provides a more compelling scene for visitors to your business as well.

To get the best of both worlds, it’s possible to create partitioning systems or quiet areas. This ensures there is a positive atmosphere while guaranteeing that employees still have spaces where they will be able to work independently. Desks and office furniture can easily be designed that are ideal for an open-plan office space while still providing independent work stations.

Bring In Nature

Another key element to consider is the natural elements of the office. If you are looking to ensure that employees gain health benefits from your office environment, you need to make sure that you are going green and bring the outdoors in. Ideally, your space should provide a large level of natural light. Alternatively, light systems should be set up that can create the same impact as natural light.

As for green options, this can be incorporated in a variety of ways from the cladding used to the art on the walls. With the right approach, a green environment can blend seamlessly into a functional, working office without creating a distraction while also providing health benefits.

As well as physical health benefits, research also suggests that a green office will bring psychological benefits too. It can make individuals feel more relaxed and result in lower levels of stress throughout the day. Cladding can also be used to create the aesthetic and indeed the visual appeal of an outdoor space.

Make It Beautiful

Finally, employees want to be part of a business they can feel proud of. They want to work somewhere that looks beautiful and modern because the success of business makes them feel successful too. That’s why it is worth ensuring that you are creating an office that is visually appealing. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways from contemporary and stylish cabinets and cupboards to stunning worktops and counters.

Build the right office design and you will be astounded by the impact it has on the morale in your business. Let BRAC Projects help you achieve this – contact us today on 01323 870146