Toilets – What’s your Type?


Are you considering updating your washrooms? If so, you will have some decisions to make including what type of toilets you prefer!

Here are examples of different options to give the look you desire from the finished washroom project.

Washroom cubicles: Back to wall toilets

One of the most recent and popular trends in both residential and commercial washroom refurbishment is the back to wall toilet. It is fixed to the floor with a concealed cistern behind the wall unit. Integrated plumbing systems (IPS) is a ground-breaking pre-plumbed system. It includes a unique click-fix mechanism for quick and easy assembly along with factory-fitted sanitary ware.

It offers a clean and space saving option for a washroom area. This type of toilet can also be wall hung, for more space-saving and mobility purposes. 

Most installations of this type include flush buttons at low level on the wall. But you can also include a sensor system for automatic flushing.

Washroom cubicles: Wall hung toilets 

As mentioned above, the wall hung unit is attached to the wall. When it comes to accessible washroom cubicles, this option offers the most flexibility, as the unit can be hung at your chosen height with no need for steps or a raised structure.

Using bespoke duct sets and IPS panels allow for a clean and modern look and an easily removable frame. The concealed option with IPS duct panel is suitable for both full toilet units and urinal units, both inside the washroom cubicles and within the general washroom area. 

Washroom cubicles: Close coupled toilets

The close coupled toilet is the most commonly found in residential properties. The toilet bowl and cistern are attached, forming one unit. As a result, they typically come with a low-level cistern. However high-level options are also available for period properties and high ceiling properties to maintain its character.

Because the cistern isn’t concealed, these toilet units are space-demanding despite their compact dimensions. They are not always suitable for commercial washroom refurbishment projects as a result.

Washroom refurbishment: accessible vanity units

Vanity units tend to be wall hung in most washroom areas, as the installation makes cleaning and maintenance more manageable. For aesthetic purposes, IPS duct panels offer the right look and feel for your space and brand, while concealing plumbing systems. Wall hung vanity units can be placed at different heights, suitable for children and wheelchair users. 

For added practicality, hygiene and luxury you can have a variety of tap systems, from manual to sensor controlled. However, you can also find push systems that can be activated underneath the sink area, either as knee or hip level, or as a foot press. This ‘non-contact’ type of installation is particularly relevant in the current climate where hygiene is of paramount importance.

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