New upgrade of Newhaven Ferry Terminal provides a first class experience


BRAC Projects have produced laminated furniture, washrooms, reception desks pelmets and surrounding columns for the upgraded Newhaven Ferry Terminal, which provides a first class experience for its customers.

The new terminal will be able to support thousands of customers, with washroom refurbishment and new desking to allow staff to work more efficiently and comfortably.


BRAC Projects Newhaven Ferry


With over 40 years of experience in fabrication and installation, BRAC Projects have made this busy terminal better able to cope with the unique environmental challenges of the site, and have made the site much more accessible. The terminal needs to support all the customers for 21 crossings a week, so the finish needed to be hard-wearing, long-lasting and practical as well as being aesthetically pleasing.


BRAC Projects - Newhaven Ferry

A ferry terminal for the future

BRAC Projects have used their expert knowledge to create a finish that will last, as well as looking good all in the operators brand colours as part of phase one of the refurbishment plan of the Newhaven Ferry Terminal. Across phases two and three will make further improvements to help the terminal better manage the thousands of customers who use the crossing every week, while making the terminal a more pleasant place to be. Future planned work will make improvements to staff areas and desking to help work go smoother.