Case Study

University of Sussex

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When faced with the need to build a private study area for students within the campus library, the University of Sussex hired BRAC Projects to complete the works. As experts in their field for over 40 years, the company designed and fitted the walls needed to deliver a secluded and quiet area for comfortable, private, and silent study. 

Privacy without losing basic comforts

Throughout the project, BRAC Projects were tasked with juggling two main features. Firstly, the secluded area needed to provide a private working environment for students. Secondly, it had to retain the general comforts of a larger workspace. 

The contractors achieved this by adding translucent walls to block out the sound of other areas while still allowing natural light to enter the space for a far happier and inspirational environment for students to learn. Meanwhile, heating and air circulation were factored into the designs too.

Furthermore, the works completed within this individual space reflect the general atmosphere of the library as a whole, with BRAC Projects paying attention to the finishes to ensure they are in line with other areas of the library. 

Results Delivered on Time and Budget

Aside from producing quality work, BRAC Projects had to ensure that the installation of new walls in the library area could be made quickly and in a convenient fashion as to avoid disruptions during the transformation. 

Using off-site fabrication along with quick and professional installation, BRAC completed the job to the desired standards, satisfying the surveyor, the University of Sussex, and its students.