Case Study

Newham Hospital

The Newham Hospital needed some new IPS (Integrated Panel Systems) designed, created and fitted to match the design of the room. We installed the IPS systems with precision, accuracy and efficiency.

IPS systems are panels that incorporate sinks and plumbing within them. We design the panelling for the systems and the plumbing all sits behind our work, so that a stylish and clean finish is given to the room.

Whilst working at the hospital, it became apparent that the nursing stations could also do with some TLC. So, we sorted these out too! Now with the added decoration, it really makes the nursing stations a lot more welcoming.

When it comes to designing hospital rooms, we don’t only use IPS, we also design fitted laminate furniture. We fit these into the room to save space and co-ordinate the room to make it feel more like the patient’s bedroom, rather than a hospital room.


Alongside this, BRAC Projects also designed, created and fitted the decorative wall panels in these rooms too. We also created a main desk for the children’s ward of the hospital. Designed to look like a space ship, it helps to keep the children entertained.