Key Washroom Design Features For Different Sectors


Washrooms are an essential component of any public or private space. Everyone needs a place where they can wash their hands, visit the lavatory and bathe or shower. But the washroom is an extremely multifaceted space. And it needs to be designed and installed with the needs of its users in mind. These will vary greatly depending on your sector. The washroom in a care home for the elderly must, by necessity, differ greatly from a similar space in a school, a public library or even a hospital. 

Of course, there will be some commonalities. All will need sinks, toilets and handrails and other features for disabled users. Many may also need bath and shower facilities. But at BRAC Projects, we understand the importance of designing, fabricating, supplying and installing washroom solutions with the needs and logistics of different sectors in mind.

Public buildings

Public buildings like libraries, courthouses, churches and other institutions may have relatively modest washroom design needs. But that doesn’t mean that anything less than a carefully considered approach is necessary. 

Washroom facilities need to be clean, comfortable and stylish. Careful attention must be paid to cubicle sizes so that they accommodate the space’s needs yet never get cramped or uncomfortable. Needless to say, sufficient facilities like dedicated washrooms, handrails and assist alarms need to be made available to disabled users.

Gyms and leisure centres

Gyms and leisure centres need to combine a sense of freshness and cleanliness with a sufficient sense of privacy. In some cases, you may also want the materials used in the furniture and decor to carry a certain sense of prestige as well. Lighting will need to be ample and there will need to be showering changing facilities that are spacious while also affording your members privacy. These need to be hard-wearing and water-resistant spaces, and materials must be carefully chosen and installed to keep the space clean, hygienic and fit for purpose. Health and safety implications also need to be considered. For instance, if showers are too close to entrances, there is an inherent risk of slip hazards. Take a look at how we’ve managed to balance all these considerations in this case study.

Care homes and hospitals

Care homes, hospitals and other spaces in the healthcare industry will also need to factor increased regulatory and compliance considerations as well as the aesthetic and practical demands of the space. 

As well as ensuring that users have access to facilities to help them navigate the space more easily, these spaces also have to build infection control into their design as well as dignity and privacy.  

Schools and HE institutions

Lots of thought goes into the design of classrooms in schools. But sadly, much less consideration goes into the design of many washrooms. Appealing, colourful designs can be stimulating to the young mind as well as visually appealing. They also need to feel like safe spaces that give young people a sense of privacy and security.  You can see our work in schools and HE institutions here and here respectively.

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