Improve your Washrooms with Vanity Units


Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make a big difference to your visitors, and vanity units in any washroom can offer that luxury element everyone would like to see. There are plenty of benefits to getting them fitted into your washroom, so if you’re looking to improve your washroom, the addition of vanity units is the way to go.

What is a vanity unit?

A vanity unit can help handily combine the functionalities of a sink basin and storage unit in one. They can be a versatile piece of furniture when needed, whether it’s to help compact furniture into multiple uses or to help with a lack of space.

The benefits of a vanity unit

When it comes to its benefits, a vanity unit has plenty that will warrant you making the decision to get one fitted. With a variety of colours and designs available they can be something unique and different offering a modern touch.

With that being said, here’s how a vanity unit can help benefit your washroom:

Offers storage

You can never have too much storage, so when it comes to your washroom, why not have the option of providing more? It can be great for keeping your counter surfaces clear and to provide a more minimalistic look to the washroom.

Various products can be stored away and out of sight, especially if it’s not something that you particularly want your guests to access.

Plenty more counter space 

Talking of counter space, a vanity unit can offer additional space where needed, especially for those who wish to offer toiletries, tissues or other items that need to be within easy reach.

Additional mirrors

You can never have enough mirrors because they reflect the light giving an airy modern feel. Not only that guests will enjoy using them for their own convenience.

Easy to access for plumbing maintenance

A vanity unit helps to conceal any visible appearance below the basin however, it provides easy access for plumbing maintenance. It offers the best of both by concealing the plumbing but making it easy to access it too.

Bespoke to fit the space

What makes vanity units great is that most tend to be a bespoke to fit to the space. BRAC Projects produce Durasein® troughs, and vanity units make a great mounting for these.

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