How to Improve the Leisure Centre Changing Room Experience


In the leisure centre industry, it is imperative to ensure that the clientele have a positive experience.This will largely depend on the changing rooms which need to be comfortable, well-lit, and laid out perfectly.

Here are some of the things that can improve the user experience of the changing rooms in leisure centres or swimming pools. When exceptional facilities are provided, the whole business will benefit..


Careful consideration needs to be given to the location of the changing rooms. For instance, any ‘wet’ changing rooms close to showers or for the swimming pool need to be located by nearby, simply for health and safety reasons. Changing rooms that are going to be ‘dry’ should be located separately or segregated from the ‘wet’ changing rooms.


There are some things that are a must for an improved changing room experience, and some of that can be down to the furnishings that are used. In the changing cubicles, it is beneficial to have benches or seating, as well as having seating outside to serve as a waiting area for example. Shelves are also a good idea, as it will make the changing experience more straightforward and stop the risk of items getting wet or dirty. Of course, having some cabinets, lockers and cupboards is essential in the changing room in a variety of sizes.


For someone to have a great experience in the changing room at the swimming pool or leisure centre, then privacy is a must. When there are families, school groups, babies and those with special needs, privacy is essential. Shower cubicles should be located right next to the ‘wet’ changing cubicles. The showers, cubicles and washrooms need to have privacy with lockable doors, rather than shower curtains, for example. Safety and privacy needs to be a number one priority.

Vanity Units

Having an area to get changed is one thing in a changing room, but being able to brush and dry hair is another must for an improved changing room experience. From a health and safety point of view, these should be in areas that are spacious enough to avoid having congestion, as well as having provision for wheelchairs and not being close to entrances or exits.

Leisure Centre Washrooms

Having the toilets located in a prominent position on the route from the changing rooms to the pool can help for pre or post-swim, as well as offering the shower provision as people exit the pool. Although changing rooms can be warm, once out of the pool, it won’t feel that way so a good layout for these things is a must. 

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