How To Smarten Up Your Washroom Facilities


A business or institution is often made by its smallest details. It’s branding, it’s employee spirit, and in some cases, its building design. Your washroom facilities are a small but vital utility that can speak volumes about your business – from the attention to detail you are willing to pursue, to its continual upkeep as a perfect representation of your firm’s self-respect.

In the time of Covid-19, this is especially important. We must rededicate ourselves to perfecting our washroom’s hygiene, and washroom refurbishment can be that first step on the journey. Yet how can we strike a balance between raw practicality and comforting ambiance? After all, a washroom that is too clinical can take away from the comfort and appeal of your building’s design, while laxness can limit our necessary caretaking responsibilities.

We have arranged a few examples below that should grant you a clearer picture of how to design this space, and what implements could improve your washroom hygiene as a positive consequence.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel Dispensers

Anti-bacterial hand gel dispensers, and more than one of these, can allow your visitors to properly disinfect their hands as appropriate upon entrance or exit of the washroom. After all, washing hands and then pulling or pushing the door entrance can transmit unwanted bacteria from hand to hand, and so this additional utility can help stem the transmission of unwanted viruses or germs.

Warnings & Reminders

A simple reminder can be a friendly means of helping people conform to best practice. For instance, reminding them to wash their hands, or to stand one person apart at the urinals, or, if you have space, to revolve around the room in a natural circle can help traffic move and will also prevent unnecessary social contact.

Renewed Inspections & Cleaning

Thorough cleaning and regular inspections, you can maintain the condition of your washroom. Publicly displaying how often the washroom is cleaned and when to expect a cleaning session can help you keep the space sterilized and allowing your washroom to shine in its best condition.

Limiting Traffic

Limiting traffic in the time of Covid-19 can prevent people from becoming too close in this smaller space, and it can also help you more easily attend to your management duties.

Vanity Units

Worthwhile vanity units will offer thorough functionality, with shelves that can store important supplies. These uniform, mirror-facing implements can help you keep an aesthetic design well-calibrated throughout the space, and it also helps reduce the time spent in the washroom.  With each sink holding its own soap dispenser, you lessen the need for unnecessary contact provided by fewer on the same row.

Washroom Cubicles

BRAC Projects vanity unit

Cubicles for toilet access and dividers between urinals allow for people to socially distance more effectively, while also guaranteeing a measure of privacy in the washroom experience. Furthermore, installations like this allow the washroom to feel smarter, more premium, and more considerate of the individual. Duct sets of this kind can also economise the space for efficiently, providing an aesthetic theme with the back paneling and hygienic all-in-one installation application, allowing for easy cleaning and ease of use.

If you’re looking to smarten up your washroom services and renew their utility, particularly in the time of Covid-19, we would recommend you browse our services and the range of affordable applications we can offer to you.