How to reduce Washroom Vandalism


There is no denying that when entering a washroom facility, the last thing you want or need is to see vandalism of any kind. From graffiti to damage, it can look very unsightly and give a bad impression. Your business, whatever it may be, will rely on impressions made by your customers. This is an important area to ensure is in good working order, looks clean and is hygienic. So how can you reduce washroom vandalism? 

Avoid rubbish being scattered or flushed 

Rubbish of any kind, be it wrappers, sanitary items or tissues can be scattered around a washroom facility and make it look a mess. In some ways this could be seen as a form of vandalism of a facility and therefore needs to be addressed. The addition of facilities such as bins and specific waste disposal options will keep things looking tidy. It will also help you to avoid blocked drains which can cause a further issue within your washroom facility. 

Monitor the washrooms regularly

It may seem like an additional job to do, but it is important that you monitor the washroom facilities regularly. This might be a simple check that you do every hour to ensure things are working correctly and looking clean, or you appoint someone to do it. You may also want to have regular clean ups in there. This is especially important with the current pandemic. The frequency washrooms are checked will solely depend on the amount of footfall your facilities get and whether there is access for the general public aside from your customers and staff. 

Address any graffiti problems as soon as possible 

If you happen to notice any graffiti that has taken place in your washroom facility, from a simple drawing on a door to further damage on walls, then address the situation straight away. By doing this, you avoid others joining in and adding to it. 

Create a hygienic environment with durable materials 

Using the highest quality materials with good durability and maximum functionality is the way to go. For high traffic, wet or steamy environments such as commercial spaces, sporting facilities, public blocks and correctional facilities it would require a very hardwearing finish, offering strength, water resistance and durability

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