How To Make Your Office COVID-Secure With Perspex


As lockdown is coming to an end, and both key workers and normal office employees are beginning to return to their environment, business owners across the country are starting to consider how best to protect their staff. 

The threat of Covid-19 is far from over, and so despite the seeming return to normality, it’s essential that we put in place measures to keep our staff safe.

Luckily, simple yet highly effective tools can be utilised to provide a sense of normality in this manner. After all, renewed measures will only be useful if they are feasible, sustainable, and easy-to-implement for businesses worldwide. 

Perspex protection screens, such as those provided by BRAC Projects, are proving to be this vital tool. 

What Are Perspex Protection Screens?

Perspex protection screens are simple, reliable, strong shield dividers that can serve as impromptu cubicles, providing a protective element where thorough social distancing is not feasible. They are crafted from 5mm thick Perspex and are totally transparent.

Perspex protection screens can be manufactured in perfect design with your particular office environment, and as time is of the essence, can be acquired with rapid, reliable delivery after purchasing from BRAC Projects.

What Are The Benefits?

Perspex protection screens help to prevent the transmission of air particles from one person to another when communicating. If someone sneezes or coughs (into a tissue), they will keep the area contained and better-protected. Perspex screens are also extremely easy to clean with an antibacterial element of your choice without staining.

Furthermore, document holes allow for the easy passing of materials without having to make close physical contact. Perspex protection screens can also help office workers forgo the need to wear masks in the office from start to finish, as this can both be uncomfortable and unfeasible for your employees. Of course, these masks are a worthwhile secondary option to consider

These Perspex screens provide an additional justification for resuming your normal working processes. The UK Government and public health bodies recommend that each business completes a thorough risk assessment to identify the danger to their employees or potential hazards impeding a full return to work, and so having integrative measures planned in advance will help you justify that forward progress.

How Can You Integrate Perspex In An Office Environment?

It’s understandable that even the most proactive and attentive business leader may consider how an installation of these shields will impede with their daily office productivity. Thankfully, Perspex protection screens are tremendously easy for self-installation. They offer mobile, multi-surface applications which allow you to create a range of temporary cubicles in your office environment. This fast installation guarantees you immediate protection the moment they arrive at your firm, allowing you to get ahead of these caring measures.

Of course, installation is not the same as best-use, and so a small training seminar regarding how to properly socially distance, how to operate within the Perspex shielding cubicle and best practices for socially-safe communication can help you get the most out of them.

With this advice, and the best Perspex protection screens sourced via BRAC Projects, you’re certain to keep your personnel safe. Please contact us on 01323 870146 or submit an enquiry here.