How to Create a Low Maintenance Workplace


When you run a business, a big part of your success is going to be in the hygiene and cleanliness of your workplace. It doesn’t matter whether you work in an office or an industrial environment: you need a low maintenance workplace so that you can keep a clean and healthy space for your employees to work within.

Creating that low maintenance workspace isn’t too hard when you have BRAC Projects by your side to help. From robust and easy to maintain the furniture to the right washroom supplies, you can ensure that you have non-porous and durable surfaces that will resist water, pollutants, and other bacteria. You’ll also find that they don’t absorb food particles, which will prevent a build-up of bacteria, too. Ensuring that your offices are cleaned is a must, but knowing you have the right furniture, lockers, benches, and cabinets is essential. Here are some ways to create that low-maintenance workplace you need for your staff to succeed!

Choosing Washroom Furniture

The washrooms at your workplace need to be regularly serviced by cleaners. Not only do they need to ensure that the sanitary bins are removed and changed, but you also need to choose the furniture that makes their job easier. Investing in washroom refurbishment involving new washroom cubicles and vanity units in the right materials will change the way you work. A washroom is a place of bacteria build-up, but it doesn’t have to be when you use suitable materials. Remember: non-porous surfaces will be the best thing in which you invest!

Solid Lockers & Workbenches

Your staff needs a safe space to store their belongings when they turn up to work. If you are providing lockers and workbenches so that they can change, you need to make sure that these are made with solid and durable materials. They need to be able to repel water and food to prevent a bacteria build-up, and you need to ensure that these are resistant to other pollutants, too. BRAC Projects will be able to direct you to the products and services that they can provide to ensure that you get the best for your business.


Creating the right ambience in your workplace is key for productivity.  The colour, style and functionality of your desking will help towards this. Non-porous and durable solid surfaces that are resistant to water, food absorption, bacteria and pollutants will also provide the durability you require. Smooth surfaces are easy to maintain without the need for expensive cleaning solutions. BRAC Projects can help you with all these aspects complying with the highest quality and safety standards. This helps us deliver first-class solid surfacing service and customer satisfaction.

The Result

A low maintenance, cleaner, healthier workplace leads to better productivity. With low maintenance storage, washrooms, and furniture, you can ensure that your business thrives. 

Let BRAC Projects help you achieve this. We are a professional fabrication company specialising in solid surfaces, IPS, cladding, laminate furniture and worktops. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide a complete design, furniture fabrication and installation service covering a diverse range of services for a variety of sectors. Using our UK based fabricating facilities, BRAC Projects can offer a personal, efficient and professional fabrication service that will ensure your projects are delivered on time and on budget. 

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