Don’t Flush Away the Importance of a Toilet!


It may not be the first space you think about when assessing the impact of your business, but the toilets are a vital part of the experience you’re providing, and the impression they can leave people with is a lasting one. When you’re aiming for a quality finish, the devil is in the detail, and that’s never more apparent than when it comes to the toilet facilities. Go for the right finish and you have made an instant wow factor out of a significant facility. So, why is this little considered asset so important, and what should you do to upgrade your facilities?

A Small Space For A Big Brand

Looking at the bigger picture, any significant brand you can think of has spent time ensuring it’s branding is consistent and applies to all areas of the business – including toilet facilities. You have to recall that it’s not just about a lofty mission and values, it’s about applying those across the board. Messy, outdated or unclean toilets send a clear message that the comfort and convenience of your customers and staff is of no concern – and that is not the message that you want to be sending. There’s little point investing a significant amount of budget into glossy marketing materials and a killer website, if customers get a bad impression when they turn up and see neglected facilities and a shabby office. The toilet is often the first or last place visitors experience in your business – so it’s more powerful than you may have thought at shaping how they feel about your organisation. That’s where BRAC Projects can step in and help you reconfigure your existing facilities, or design new ones. As specialist fabricators with over 40 years of experience, our in-depth product knowledge can help to deliver facilities you can truly be proud of.

Designing The Right Facilities

Hotels, restaurants, bars and other leisure facilities are usually ahead of the game when it comes to this corner of customer experience expertise. Take a look around some of their bathrooms for an idea of the gold standard in modern design and cleanliness. When planning the toilets for your business, first consider layout and functionality. Good design means usable and easy to navigate. Think about the spacing and number of cubicles, and consider facilities for baby changing and disabled customers as a part of the whole picture. Go for quality fittings from durable, moisture-resistant materials that won’t quickly show wear are a great choice for high traffic areas like this. BRAC Projects are experts in this field and can help you achieve the right finish for your purposes. Opt for a seamless, hygienic design without lots of edges for dirt and bacteria to collect. Provide good sink and vanity unit facilities with space on the countertop or additional shelving and hooks to hold your customers’ belongings safely while they use the facilities.

Branding Your Space

Your branding can also be carried through effectively with good toilet design. Choose materials and colours which reflect your brand while also thinking about adding some decorative touches which bring it all to life. Remember that you have a captive audience in this space, so it’s a good spot to advertise some of your own products, special events or new services. Or you could even consider utilising this space and selling advertising space to other businesses to introduce a new revenue stream, especially if you have high footfall. 

Toilets can be so much more than they first seem – with a little care and attention and the right design, they really can be a positive extension of your brand and a contributing factor to a great customer experience. To discuss a project you have in mind call us today 01268 573933 or email Alternatively, you can request a quote here.