How to Create a Unique Washroom


While you might not think a lot about the washroom on your business premises, it is, nonetheless, an important consideration. The reasons for this are simple.

First, it affects your colleagues. If they’re in the office all day, they will undoubtedly use the washroom at some point. If it is dull, dirty and drab with poor fittings and fixtures, it could count against you, and they might wonder whether they’d be better off at another firm – something you want to avoid.

Second, think about it from the perspective of your clients and customers. A dingy washroom creates a poor impression and makes it less likely that people coming to your business will want to do business with you.

Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with a mediocre on-site bathroom. With help from professionals, you can create something genuinely unique and wow all your stakeholders.

Improve Your Washroom Aesthetics

Today, washrooms no longer need to be dark, dank places. With a range of modern cladding materials, Integrated Panel Systems (IPS) and duct panelling, you can create pretty much whatever look you like.

Panelling is a simple way to add a pop of colour and texture to a company washroom. The three-dimensional design sticks out from the wall and creating a luxurious interior – far superior to anything you could achieve with paint. What’s more, you can tailor panelling to your company brand design, reflecting the rest of your office.

Make The Washroom More Functional

Many businesses believe that corporate bathrooms should be ruthlessly clinical places that omit fashionable or homely elements. Colleagues are here to work, not get a spa experience.

The good news, though, is that with modern features, you can have it both ways. Your washroom can be a hygienic and clinical environment but also offer style as well. Toilet cubicles don’t need to be row upon row of cheap plastic panels that do nothing to improve aesthetics. Instead, you can get cubicles with different finishes that look stunning and create a great impression the first time around.

The stylistic improvements don’t end there, though. You can instantly brighten the interior of a washroom with a few simple additions, such as attractive sinks and high-spec mixer taps. Furthermore, you can conceal all ducting and pipework under panels, creating a seamless and beautiful space.

Change The Ambience of the Space

Firms that create unique ambiences in their restrooms are a rarity. Washrooms, therefore, are a genuine opportunity to differentiate your company from the competition.

Changing the ambience of a space is easy. Here are some ideas:

  • Deploy focal points:  Just as in regular interior design, focal points are a fantastic way to improve the appearance of a washroom. Commonly, companies use communal handwashing facilities to this end.
  • Add interesting lighting:  Mood lighting can instantly transform the atmosphere in a way room. The best lighting solutions saturate the environment with spotlights and recessed options.
  • Make special use of mirrors:  Unusual use of mirrors around sinks or vanity units can dramatically enhance a space, making it more exciting and help it to appear larger than it is.

Are you planning on creating a unique washroom? If so, contact BRAC Projects today.