Business As Usual for the BRAC Group


Who would have thought that everyone living in the UK and the rest of the world would have to spend most of 2020 in lockdown or living under restrictions?

Well as we head into another month long lockdown, and along with the rest of the construction industry, we are pleased to say that it is business as usual for the BRAC Group.

The construction industry has been given the go-ahead by the Government to continue working throughout the month-long lockdown.

Construction to continue throughout the lockdown

Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed in his speech that the lockdown measures will not stop the construction industry from working. While most people who can, must work from home, some sectors including the construction industry who are unable to do this, can continue as normal. Obviously, this means a requirement to work within COVID-19 guidelines and have the appropriate measures in place to protect staff and the public.

The construction sector went into the pandemic in a strong position. Overall, construction contributes around 6% of the UK’s GDP, providing approximately 7% of jobs and represents around 13% of businesses. The sector was experiencing a period of growth by the end of 2019.

Overall the construction industry has recovered well from the effects of the restrictions compared to other sectors. Widespread growth across construction during July 2020 drove the continued recovery of monthly GDP. This is set to continue as we head deeper into the winter months, the Christmas and into the new year under the shadow of Covid-19.

Business as usual for the BRAC Group

The BRAC Group: BRAC DevelopmentsBRAC Contracts and BRAC Projects, will be working as usual during this lockdown and beyond.

However, while it is business as usual here, we want to assure you that we are doing everything in our power to adhere to Government guidelines regarding social distancing and protecting the public and our staff. We would be happy to talk you through the different measures that we have put in place.

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