BRAC Projects partners with IDS to supply and install Durasein® products in the UK


BRAC Projects are proud to announce details their association with International Decorative Surfaces (IDS) to become UK supplier and installer of Durasein® pure acrylic solid surface products. This offers exceptional savings of up to 20%  over traditional Solid surface suppliers.


BRAC Projects Durasein 1


Thanks to our association with IDS, BRAC Projects can now offer Durasein® to commercial clients across multiple industries, offering a robust yet aesthetically pleasing solid surface solution that offers lasting practicality. This solution provides exceptional value for money offering up to 20% savings over traditional Solid surface suppliers.


Optimal Performance and Sustainability

It will provide clients with an even greater answer to their business premises by working with IDS to deliver the premium grade solid surface solution and support it with accurate installations for optimal performance and sustainability.


BRAC Projects Durasein 2


Durasein® pure acrylic solid surface is highly regarded as one of the best surface materials for a range of commercial applications. It is manufactured with approximately two thirds aluminium trihydrate and a third acrylic resin and natural pigments. The aluminium hydroxide gives the product a particular strength, and the quality of the acrylic resin ensures cleanliness, suitability for contact with food, water resistance, and colour stability over time.


BRAC Projects Durasein 3


Repairable Qualities

Despite its consistency being similar to natural stone, Durasein® is repairable and can be fabricated with woodworking equipment. It can be seamlessly joined, and a simple thermoforming process allows the creation of curved surfaces providing unrivalled design capabilities. Durasein® complies with Euroclass B-s1-d0 standards.


BRAC Projects Durasein 4


Enhanced Design Capabilities

Now that BRAC Projects can supply and install the material, alongside their existing range of services for commercial buildings, our design capabilities are greater than ever. From transforming public restrooms and kitchens to upgrading reception areas and specialised workspaces, BRAC Projects can support clients in a bid for safe, eye-catching, and functional working environments that are built to last. All this with up to 20% savings over traditional Solid surface suppliers.

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